Donato Giangirolami for Sustainability

We don't simply work the land; we borrow it from future generations.

Green wine-making

For over 30 years, we have been committed to producing wines with respect for the environment and people. Wine means happiness to us.

Environmental responsibility

Sustainable agriculture

The management of our lands has minimal environmental impact, where every stage of production follows the philosophy of sustainable agriculture.

Preserving the Integrity of the Land

We mechanically remove weeds, use organic products for fertilisation, and practice crop rotation, employing age-old techniques introduced since the Middle Ages.

Located in the lands surrounding the Ninfa Natural Park, we engage in agriculture that defends the climate and the well-being of the land.

Sustainability Beyond Land Respect

Sustainable agriculture is not only about protecting the land and minimising environmental impact during production.

It also involves the elimination of chemical products, the use of facilities with eco-friendly materials, minimal packaging, low resource consumption, and streamlined production.

Beyond Organic

Since 1993, our cultivation method has been organic farming, without the use of synthetic chemical products for both treatments and fertilisation.

We employ integrated farming methods to preserve biophysical aspects.