A timeless wine

The life and flavours of wines in harmony with nature’s rhythm

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Organic wine in harmony with the nature where it originated

Donato Giangirolami's wines are intense, expansive, delicate like blossoms unfolding in spring.

A family that lives in the embrace of wine, connecting with nature, savouring the unhurried passage of time, and revelling in the beauty of the landscape at short distance from Rome.

The winery was established in 1957 in the Pontine plain, south of Rome, when Dante acquired five hectares to cultivate vineyards in an area with many pristine lands, recently reclaimed for agriculture.

Dante passed on his passion to Donato, who became a trailblazer in organic farming in 1993.

Today, Federica, Chiara, and Laura stand as the third generation steering Cantina Donato Giangirolami.

A territory in the shadow of Rome

Our unique microclimate can only be truly experienced by paying us a visit – we are in the middle of Lepini Mountains, Natural Ninfa Gardens, the Tyrrhenian coasts.

The lands of Donato Giangirolami Winery are gentle hills, composed of clay and tuff, embraced by breezes from the Tyrrhenian Sea and basking in the full sun of Italy.

All good from nature

Manual labour, use of cutting-edge technology for a genuine wine that brings forth the most intense emotions. This is the commitment we forge with the present to safeguard the pristine future for the coming generations.
We believe in a wine that is a daily relationship, with the land and with the senses. Hand-selection of grapes, absence of pesticides, minimal mechanical work, meticulous ageing care – this is our recipe of the last 30 years.

For 30 years, an organic producer

Forty hectares of organic production

Our best recipe for organic wine is nature, craftsmanship, and love. I guess this is enough