Fruits ripe only when there is love in the tree of life

Three generations in the service of nature

The essence of our harvest

Federica, Chiara and Laura are the third generation of Donato Giangirolami Winery.

We started making wine in a personal and unique way, because tasting wine is about connecting to your own time, in balance with nature.

What we do

Our work is about borrowing the land from future generations.

This is the pact we fulfil to keep the value of our lands intact and create a wine capable of bringing forth a second spring every year.

Why choose Donato Giangirolami

Donato Giangirolami Winery is a hidden gem just outside Rome. In a hectic world, we provide refuge for a timeless wine. We are part of the Wine Trail of Latina, Independent Winemakers Network, the National Association ‘Le Donne del Vino’ (Women in Wine), and Organic Producers of Lazio.

We believe in a wine that symbolises meticulous manual labour and extraordinary quality.


In 1957, the story of Donato Giangirolami Winery began with three hectares of Moscato di Terracina and two hectares of Bellone.

Founded by Dante and carried on by his son Donato, the company achieved organic certification in 1993. Manual labour, grape selection, exploration of native species, and experimentation are the living legacy of Donato Giangirolami.