A warm embrace of light


On the nose, aromas of candied fruit, almonds, apricots, lychee, and quinces. An organic dessert wine born from the berries of the unusual Malvasia Puntinata grape, left to dry on the vine after the warm summer months in our land. In this way, this passito wine concentrates sugars, maturing flavours and aromas. Viscous and syrupy, this white wine pairs perfectly with blue cheeses or herb-infused cheeses, creating a seductive pairing. Additionally, toasted fruits, and desserts like tiramisu or after-dinner treats. For those daring more, it complements spiced dishes, such as turmeric-infused chicken.
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Lazio IGP Dessert Wine


Malvasia Puntinata

Production area

Doganella di Ninfa


Bâtonnage in steel for 6 months at controlled temperature


Blue cheeses, aromatic cheeses, shortcrust pastry with apricot jam, particularly spicy dishes (e.g., turmeric-infused chicken), tiramisu, desserts with toasted fruit

Analytical Data

Alcohol: 12.0%